Sunday, April 15, 2012

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            In the Article “The African News Journal” by Bukola Oriola explains ways on how to stop child trafficking. One of the ways to prevent child trafficking would be to raise awareness. The Blue Heart Campaign is one of the ways to raise awareness. With the banquet many people can start raising money,  then they can start an organization for these children in Africa. If people can host a benefit the people can donate money to help kids to give them a safe place. As soon as people start realizing that children are in danger they can start saving these kids lives. With this banquet it can get the federal law involved and many more to start passing a law about children being trafficked.
This is a reputable source to use. Oriola gives good ideas on how to prevent child trafficking. She talks about ways people can help these kids that are being shipped to different parts of the world just so these traffickers can make money off of them. This source gives numbers on how many countries and children are affected with trafficking.  This source is a cultural bias because she talks about Africa and what they are trying to do to try and stop this.. The audience this is intended for is for people who want to help these children.
Works cited 

Oriola, Bukola. "Preventing Human Trafficking by Awareness. African News Journal." Home. African News Journal, 23 Jan. 2012. Web. 18 Apr. 2012.

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